USED JBLED A7 RGB wash (buy 6 and get a free 6 way case)


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With the JBLED A7, JB-lighting presents an innovation in the field of LED equipped moving heads, and the successful follow-up model to the VaryLED 3*84.

The JBLED A7 features 108 Luxeon high-power LEDs, which are packed with higher density than already existing designs and therefore enable an even mixing of colours. With the selection and number of LEDs used, it is possible to present the maximum colour range. A maximum light yield is achieved for light colours and even for white. The JBLED A7 performs in the brightness range of a washlight with a 700W discharge lamp.

JB-lighting has achieved a major success with the improvement of the optical system. It was necessary to develop a customized, innovative and highly efficient lens system, as the optics currently available are not suitable for a zoom system. The front lens system is shaped as an array. It covers all 108 LEDs, thus ensuring that there are no unpleasant rattling noises during zooming and movement.

The zoom range of the JBLED A7 covers a remarkable 8° -36° (8°-28° 1/2 Peak, 12 -36° 1/10 Peak)!