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MEGA-FLAT-PAK-8-PLUS | Complete your par can setup with by tying it all together with the Stage Pak 1 from ADJ. This package includes a quality constructed Stage Setter 8 DMX controller that offers you the ability to fully control the dimming and on/off of your par can setup via the two DP-415R dimmer switches/packs that are also included. The controller operates in 3 separate modes and offers a range of customization and built-in programs. The Dimmer Switches are 4-channel compact units offering the ability to plug in eight separate light fixtures each, for a total of 16 using both DP-415Rs. The Stage Setter 8 and two DP-415Rs are essential components to any par can lighting production. Functioning on standard DMX-512 protocol as well as MIDI compatible and including fog machine output control, the Stage Pak 1 can be tied into your entire production system with ease. These portable devices are perfect for any size stage production, permanent or mobile.

This Package Includes: 1x Stage Setter 8, 2x DP-415R Dimmer Packs, 2x DMX cables.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 24 in

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