NEW Production Intercom MS301 2 Channel Master


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The MS301 is a 3-circuit Master Station with a unique hybrid configuration. Microprocessors operate all the switching, routing, and supervision functions while both the audio path and the core power supply remain analog. The result is a station with unrivaled flexibility, muscular reliability, and clean, smooth audio.

Supervision functions include the individual monitoring of each circuit for faults, and reporting such by front panel LEDs.
The 3 circuits can be operated independently or linked in A+B and A+B+C modes. All electronic “housekeeping” functions such as maintaining proper termination impedance are handled automatically.
The MS301 can be used with a headset or handset or may operated in hands-free mode by plugging in an accessory close-talking, noise-canceling goose-neck microphone (available separately) and adjusting sidetone for deep suppression.
Each MS301 circuit can be used either in intercom communications mode or in IFB mode with program ducking.
Program audio can be directed to each circuit, and be independently controlled and visually monitored.
An accessory to the MS301 is the MSM301 which adds 3 additional circuits (D, E and F) all of which have the same capabilities as the original 3.

The MS301 is compatible with most other 200 Ohm unbalanced party-line intercom devices.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 5 in

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