USED Shure UHF U4D Wireless receiver


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    • Easy-to-read, programmable, multi-function LD to set and view:
        • Actual freqency in megahertz
        • Group/Channel
        • Performer/system name
        • Squelch setting
        • Menu lock-out status
        • Battery fuel guage
        • UHF TV channel (in U.S. and some international versions


    • RF, audio and diversity metering


    • Independent headphone monitor


    • Network extension capability


    • Switching internal power supply


    • Two half-wave, flexible rubber antennas


    • Tone key squelch


    • Mic/line switch


    • Five-segment RF level indicators


    • Seven-segment audio level indicators


    • XLR connector provides balanced low-impedance mic or line level output


    • 1/4 inch phone plug provides unbalanced high-impedance output


  • Mic/line slide switch