USED Turbosound TFS780L/TSW721 subwoofer


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The TSW-721 incorporates the TurboBass™ device, a patented design which employs a high-velocity partial horn loading technique, giving precise cone control at
high power levels. It addresses an increasing demand for accurate, high definition bass reproduction.
The TSW-721 is capable of outstanding
electrical to acoustic power conversion
(101dB at 1w/1m) and can develop peak
sound pressure levels of 137dB. It is the
result of exhaustive research which resulted
in re-evaluation of the types of transducers
available for use at these frequencies. Sub
or low bass frequencies span two octaves of
the audio spectrum. These frequencies
provide some of the most important acoustic
information for stimulation of fervour and
emotion in music.
To accommodate these demands at low
frequencies, a custom 21” loudspeaker has
been created for the TSW-721, which
combines massive motor strength with a
large cone assembly, capable of moving
meaningful quantities of air. The 6” voice
coil and double spider assembly, combined
with a 12” ceramic magnet, gives a very
high BL figure, which is unprecedented in
contemporary transducer designs and also
approach provides considerable strength
and stability to the cone/coil structure. The
TSW-721 therefore presents a revelation in
enclosure and transducer design. It produces
high SPL with very low distortion levels and
diminutive power compression (1dB at 500
watts RMS), without the need for
compensating electronics to correct for
component disparities.
For fixed installations the enclosure is
optionally available without wheels or
handles (TSW-721i), and is designed to
extend the bass response of any sound
reinforcement system.