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The Electro-Voice S-152 is a 200-watt, two- way, high efficiency, constant-directivity stage system featuring a vented, direct-radiating woofer section. It combines professional quality components arranged in a vertical array with an unusually durable enclosure. The result is wide-range, accurate sound reproduction with transparent highs and extended bass response. The enclosure is constructed of Road-Wood, a structural material made of layered and selectively oriented hardwood strands strongly bonded together with phenolic resins. This high-strength shell is covered with densely woven, abuse resistant black carpeting. The high-frequency section of the S-152 utilizes a 90° X 40° constant-directivity horn driven by a one-inch throat, wide-bandwidth, titanium diaphragm driver. This driver uses a unique convex drive Time Path phasing plug structure for smooth and extended high-frequency performance.

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Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 16 in