USED Paiste 18″ 2002 Extreme Crash


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The Paiste 18″ 2002 Extreme Crash offers a perfect, timeless tone which is extremely suitable for Heavy Rock and everything in between. The 2002 series builds on the foundations of their original classic 1971 counterparts, providing impressive modern sound for current day popular music.

Huge Sound
This cymbal is built for high volume playing and will stand up to whatever you decide to throw at it. It is characterised by a full, warm and powerful sound, which still retains its brightness. Medium wide range and a heavy feel are on offer, with an aggressive, explosive attack. A massive clear crash sound (with an even fade) is the end result here – making for an absolute powerhouse of a cymbal.

Sound: Bright, Full, Warm, Powerful. Medium Wide Range, Clean Mix. Cutting, Explosive Attack. Heavy Feel. Strong, Full, Clear Crash Sound (With an Even Fade).
Size: 18″
Sustain: Long
Bell Character: Integrated
Brand: Paiste
Model: 2002
Intensity: Lively
Type: Crash
Volume: Loud to Very Loud
Weight: Heavy
Stick Sound: Fairly Washy
Alloy: CuSn8 Bronze
Suited to: High Volume Playing

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 6 in